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After almost 6 years of business at Boshamps and over 35 years of business in Destin, we’re still doing our very best to find new, better and faster ways to receive, prep and serve the finest and freshest local Gulf seafood available. Lucky Dog Seafood Company is our new wholesale seafood market, designed and built specifically to source, procure and prepare the absolute FRESHEST Gulf seafood available, exclusively for Boshamps. Our main objective is to purchase the freshest seafood right from the gulf waters, directly from Gulf fisherman directly off the boat to our market and on our guests’ plates as fast as humanly possible. We not only want to provide the freshest Gulf seafood available, but want to educate our guests on exactly where our seafood is coming from. We want our customers to know how much care and passion we have for prepping and providing the freshest and best quality seafood we can get our hands on. Guests will be able to get a sneak peek through the viewing windows of Lucky Dog Seafood Company upon entering Boshamps. There, they can actually see the snapper, grouper, swordfish, shrimp, crawfish, oysters, and all of the other fresh Gulf seafood we have being prepped for service. We are proud to show our guests the fresh ingredients, seafood and how it is all prepared.


One of the most important and exciting parts of this venture is to explain how one of the last of the self-sustaining natural resources on this planet becomes available. This seafood is not farmed, fenced, caged, fed, or tampered with in ANY fashion by human hands. It is as pure and as clean as our beautiful emerald water, and there is NO substitute! We want people to understand how proud and how fortunate we are to be able to provide this to our guests. You will not get fresher, better quality Gulf seafood anywhere else in this world - we GUARANTEE IT!  So, come by, take a look and see for yourself what we’re doing and how we do it.  Ask questions, be informed, and rest assured that what you see at Lucky Dog Seafood Company is exactly what you are served at Boshamps!

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